How do these technologies work to reduce the charging time? If you use the standard charger cable, it works at 5 volts DC and 0. But Qualcomm has announced the latest Version4 motorcycle battery sales of Quick Charge (QC4) for commercial availability by June 2017, with Type C compatibility. This allows companies to claim that their phones can attain 80 per cent charge in 30 minutes or in the case of Qualcomm Quick Charge, “0 to 50 per cent in 15 minutes” or “5 for 5 — 5 minutes charging, 5 hours of battery life”. Priced at Rs 14,999, the Zenfone 3S Max is an affordable device with a big 5,000 mAh heart to keep it ticking for hours. Dash Charge works at 4 A and 5 V and ensures that the extra heat is not spread to the phone but to the power adapter.

Sadly, the storage cannot be expanded, which is a bit limiting. Manufacturers of the chips that fuel the phone have launched their own rapid charging solutions. Most of these technologies are proprietary — the Super VOOC Flash used by Oppo or Dash Charge that comes with OnePlus phones.0.5 amperes, which multiplied, gives 2. Displays handle ultra HD or 4K video.The computing clout of your mobile phone grows exponentially with every new release — processors are now octa-core — eight times more powerful than they were five years ago.Weighing 175 grams, we wouldn’t say that the Zenfone 3S Max is the lightest, but it doesn’t feel too heavy and could easily fit in our palm. Phones using Mediatek processor are able to roll out PumpExpress fast charge technology.

The second approach is to tap technology that ensure very fast charge — usually attaining 60 to 70 per cent of the full charge in about 30 minutes. The RAM memory has grown on some handsets to 6 GB, which is more than many laptops. The QC4 can also charge two devices at the same time.Remember, all fast charge technologies work today only with the special charger provided. The rear camera also has the same resolution with f/2.0 aperture. OnePlus 3T is priced at Rs 29,999 for the 64 GB variant and Rs 34,999 for 128 GB. The images with both the front and rear cameras are crisp and clear. Sunny times may be back for Li-Ion. The 13 megapixels rear and the 8 megapixels front camera were average performers. Under normal usage, it can function for two days on a full charge and at least one day, even with intensive gaming or continuous video playing.5 watts of power.

Apart from the general power saving mode, this device also comes with four other modes including SuperSaving, which automatically optimises the phone function to give more standby time. These can cost as much as Rs 1,500 each and so far the industry has not agreed on an universal fast charge design. Then, reduce the power to slowly top up the battery to full charge. The 5.0 aperture. interface.OnePlus has ramped up the front camera to 16 megapixels with f/2.0 Nougat, but with the proprietary, ZenUI 3. The downside here is size — big battery phones tend to be bulky. The proprietary fast chargers boost the current handling to 4 or 5 amps and use special charging cables which work with higher voltages, as high as 9 to 12 V DC. The catch here is, the device has a hybrid slot and that means you can either use two SIMs or a single SIM with memory card. They do the charging in two stages — first, use high power to rapidly charge the phone to 75-80 per cent of its full charge in a very short time.

With the new Type C USB connector becoming more common, there was a fear that some of these proprietary technologies might not match the power delivery standards of this reversible connector.The battery is 3,400 mAh — but its proprietary Dash Charge technology ensures that it reaches 80 per cent of its full charge in about half an hour. All these are power guzzlers — and sadly, power is perennially in short supply on most phones.Dash Charge — large RAM comboOne of the best all-round performers in the mid-range category of smart phones is OnePlus 3T, which has a jumbo 6 GB RAM. The device also supports reverse charging, which means you can also use the Zenfone 3S Max as a power bank to charge other devices. This, together with the 64 GB or 128 GB storage, enables it to support multi tasking and to offer full 1080p full HD on its 5.Jumbo battery

Opting for a larger battery rather than a fast charge option, the Zenfone 3S Max offers a whopping 5,000 mAh battery.The internal storage of 32 GB is hugely expandable — up to 2 TB via Micro SD card.5 inch AMOLED screen. It supports 4G LTE and Wi-Fi Direct. The Zenfone 3S Max comes pre-loaded with the latest Android 7.2 inch screen has a resolution of 1280x720 pixels.There are two approaches currently being tried to overcome customers’ battery blues with the only power technology currently in use — Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion): One is to pack in bigger batteries into the phone. Phones with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor have access to Quick Charge technology. You can also shoot 4K videos.IndiaTechOnline.