The governor of neighbouring North Carolina ordered

"Hours later Trump approved emergency declarations for both coastal states, a standard move allowing the release of federal funds and equipment to aid in protection and recovery efforts. "Please be prepared, be careful and be SAFE!" South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster ordered as many as one million residents of the states eastern coast to leave their homes ahead of the storms possible arrival on Thursday." "We do not want to risk one South Carolina life in this hurricane," the governor told reporters.. The US president said he had spoken with governors of threatened states, adding that the "federal government stands by, ready to assist 24/7. Having grown up in storm-prone Florida, she said shes careful not to underestimate any hurricane. "This is a very dangerous hurricane," McMaster said, adding that the evacuation order for coastal counties was "mandatory, not voluntary. North Carolina Governor Roy Coopers office said Florence is already being felt along the states coast, with large sea swells resulting in life-threatening rip currents and surf. "This is a huge storm," said Robert Woodward, chairman of the Dare County Board of Commissioners, predicting 15 to 20 inches (38 to 50 centimeters) of rain. "This is probably the only exercise I get this week," she quipped."Never have we seen quite this type of a storm approach us. Half her supply was going to barricade a basement soup kitchen she managed, and the other half was going to protect her own home on nearby Johns Island. Helene -- 535 miles west of the Cape Verde islands off the African coast -- had winds up to 110 miles per hour, and was expected to continue moving west-northwest for several more days, the NHC said. On its current track, Florence is expected to slam the Carolinas and Virginia the hardest.The US Navy said it was preparing to send about 30 ships stationed in Virginia out to sea."This is one of the worst storms to hit the East Coast in many years," President Donald Trump warned on Twitter.

Charleston: Powerful Hurricane Florence was tracking towards the US East Coast Tuesday, prompting authorities to order upwards of one million people to evacuate the path of the extremely dangerous storm forecasters said could soon intensify.Schools in 26 of the states 46 counties were to close from Tuesday.A Category 4 on the five-level Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale, Florence was 465 miles south-southeast of Bermuda and the centre of the hurricane was forecast to pass between Bermuda and the Bahamas on Tuesday and Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said in its 11:00 pm (local time) advisory.Forecasters expected some strengthening in the next 36 hours, as Florence marched west-northwest at around 13 miles per hour. She and her husband would decide Tuesday morning whether to evacuate their family of two kids and a dog, said LaRoche. "Were liable to have a whole lot of flooding. "It doesnt matter what happened in (previous) storms," said LaRoche, a social services director." At this height of the Atlantic hurricane season, Florence was being trailed on east-to-west paths by two other storms, Helene and Isaac. "Dont concentrate on the exact forecast track of Hurricane Florence. "This one is different."From eight oclock til two we were slammed," said Johnson, who sold scores of bags of sand over the weekend, saving just a few to barricade the stores own doors. "We were nonstop. Significant effects will extend outside the cone, and will arrive at the coast sooner than the eye," the National Weather Service warned."Hurricane Florence has the potential to bring catastrophic flooding to areas of the eastern United States already soaked by heavy rain and it may be the strongest storm to hit the region in decades." Nurse Barbara Mack was using a small shovel to fill sandbags at a public works facility in Charleston -- but she saw a silver lining in the hurricane preparations.

The governor of neighbouring North Carolina ordered an evacuation of the Outer Banks, barrier islands that are a popular tourist destination, and parts of coastal Dare County, while a state of emergency was declared in Virginia. Heavy rain in the Washington area over the weekend has already led to flooding in historic Alexandria, Virginia, and the National Weather Service issued a flood watch for part of the Maintenance free Motorcycle Battery 12N12A-4A-1 Potomac River.Residents scrambled to flee en masse as the menacing Category 4 storm packing winds of 140 miles (220 kilometers) per hour bore down on the East Coast of the United States. Despite the slight drop in maximum sustained winds to 70 miles per hour Isaac was expected to be at or near hurricane strength as it passes near land later this week. Virginia Governor Ralph Northams office predicted "catastrophic inland flooding, high winds and possible widespread power outages," cautioning that the deadliest risk would come from flooding.Isaac -- which late Sunday became the fifth hurricane of the season, but was later downgraded to a tropical storm -- is heading west toward the Caribbean. At a hardware store in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, store manager John Johnson said the rush on batteries, flashlights, plastic tarps and sandbags began Friday. Also out for sandbags was Deborah LaRoche."Storm surge and hurricane watches may be issued early Tuesday for portions of southeastern US states, the NHC said. The vessels will get underway from Naval Station Norfolk and Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek to avoid potential damage from winds and tidal surges, said Colonel Rob Manning, a Pentagon spokesman. The storm was about 960 miles east of the Lesser Antilles -- a region still recovering from last years powerful Hurricane Maria

Several companies in Silicon Valley see long-distance trucks as the main early autonomous driving te

He has forecast large-scale production within a couple of years..7 percent to $316. The company is currently spending about $1 billion per quarter, largely to set up the Model 3 factory, and is contemplating a factory in China to build cars.Shares of Tesla, which have risen 48 percent this year to make the company the No. The power capacity, weight and cost of batteries all limit a truck’s ability, analysts say..66 in midday trade in New York.Musk, who has pushed back the debut twice, said this week the truck would "blow your mind clear out of your skull" when it was introduced in a web-cast at Tesla website.“It can transform into a robot, fight aliens and make one hell of a latte,” he added on Wednesday, posting a picture of a backlit, shadowed Semi with trapezoidal blue headlights.

Diesel trucks are capable of travelling up to 1,000 miles (1,600 km) on a single tank of fuel.Tesla arrives in a much more crowded field than when it developed electric cars.Reuters in August reported Tesla was working on self-driving technology for the truck.Tesla Inc will today unveil a prototype electric big-rig truck, which may be able to drive itself, throwing the company into a new market even as it struggles to roll out an affordable sedan central to the company’s future. 2 US automaker by market value, were up 1.A Tesla truck with a range of 300 to 450 miles would be able to address less than VRLA batteries half of the total semi-truck market, estimated Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi in a note on Monday. on its already full plate,” wrote Sacconaghi.

Manufacturers such as Daimler AG, Navistar International Corp and Volkswagen AG are joining a host of start-ups racing to overcome the challenges of substituting batteries for diesel engines as regulators crack down on carbon dioxide and soot pollution.“It is somewhat unclear why the company needs another major initiative . Still, Tesla shares rose on Thursday.The young market for electric cargo trucks is mostly focused on medium duty, not the heavy big rig market Tesla is after. Charging and maintaining electric trucks that crisscross the country could be expensive and complex..The launch event can be seen live at livestream.Tesla would need to invest substantially to create a factory for those trucks.tesla.

“Semi specs are better than anything I’ve seen reported so far.Some analysts fear the truck, named Tesla Semi, will be an expensive distraction for Tesla, which is burning cash, has never posted an annual profit, and is in self-described “manufacturing hell” starting up production of the $35,000 Model 3 sedan. Semi eng/design team work is aces, but other needs are greater right now,”

Musk tweeted in October, announcing the second delay. Several Silicon Valley companies see long-haul trucking as a prime early self-driving technology market, citing relatively consistent speeds, scarcity of cross-traffic on interstate highways and benefits of allowing drivers to rest while travelling.The truck would have a working range of 200 to 300 miles (320 to 480 km), at the low end of what is considered “long-haul” trucking, Reuters reported.Chief Executive Elon Musk has described electric trucks as Tesla’s next effort to move the economy away from fossil fuels through projects including electric cars, solar roofs and power storage.

The mobile phone battery technology has hardly evolved in the quarter century

Storage, camera, everything grows — and so does our appetite for watching video.Sorry, there are no breakthroughs imminent if you are looking for batteries that are light and long lasting and safe. Then, we demanded that bigger batteries should not translate into bigger phones.According to Nikkie Technology Online, by using sulphur as an electrode, Sony is working towards sharply increasing the efficiency of wholesale motorcycle batteries supplier existing batteries and boosting the battery life of mobile phones by almost 40 per cent. The time had come to look at other options. So the makers squeezed and squeezed to fit these jumbo batteries into limited space.The Perry Mason-like ‘Case of the Combustible Phone’ was mainly — but not wholly — a Samsung story.

So what do we do?Fast ChargesIf we are forced to recharge every day, at least let us do it faster, in 30 minutes rather than 2-3 hours! Qualcomm has created a technology, QuickCharge, which is used by Motorola, Samsung, HTC and others.The computing power of your phone grows exponentially every year. Phone batteries ignited mainly because they had been squeezed into impossibly small enclosures, without allowing space for natural expansion with warming. This is a work in progress and we have to wait — and keep charging!. Happily, the craze for jumbo batteries seems to have died down. We know the result. One Plus phones use DashCharge and they have coined a motto we can empathise with: Less time in the socket, more time in the pocket. Oppo has its own technology called Super VOOC Flash Charge.Finally, there is always the option of carrying a power bank.

All this makes heavy demands on the phone’s power source, which has grown bigger and bigger: Last year, brands such as Gionee and Asus crossed 5000 mAH.Here is a rundown of current efforts, none of which is anywhere close to commercial realisation:Last week an announcement by Canada-based McGill University and HydroQuebec held out hope that batteries might charge themselves — from the sun.”All these are in the realm of research and no new technology is going to reach our phone batteries in the near future. They have gone about as far as they can go, and yes, they tend to explode when overheated. “It won’t catch fire even if you hammer it. The latest iPhone has 16 times the power of the first edition.

But the challenge remains: Can you make batteries better rather than bigger?The mobile phone battery technology has hardly evolved in the quarter century since Sony introduced the lithium-ion rechargeable battery with carbon as the negative pole or cathode and a compound of lithium — the lightest of all metals — as anode. Resear-chers say they have been able to create a charging process using light as the energy instead of electricity.At Stanford University, they are betting on aluminium. Many of these now come with a solar panel so you don’t have to look to an electrical socket to keep the bank charged. They are now working to build the second half, allowing energy produced at the cathode to be stored at the anode. “We have developed a rechargeable aluminium battery that may replace existing storage devices such as alkaline and lithium-ion batteries,” said Professor of Chemistry Hongjei Dai.

The massive relief for consumers and businessmen comes before the Gujarat Assembly polls

The 178 items whose tax slab has been brought down from 28% to 18% include chewing gum, chocolates, coffee, custardpowder, marble and granite, dental hygiene products, polishes and creams, sanitary ware, leather clothing, artificial fur, wigs, cookers, stoves, after-shave, deodorant, detergent and washing power, razors and blades, cutlery, storage water heater, batteries, goggles, wrist watches and mattress..It is one of the biggest concessions announced after the new indirect tax system took effect on 1 July. The fitment committee had recommended that the top 28% slab should be pruned to 62 items.The Congress reacted angrily to the developments.“We could not take up the agenda of (bringing real estate under GST) in the meeting,” said Mr Jaitley soon after the 23rd GST Council meeting.

The massive relief for consumers and businessmen comes before the Gujarat Assembly polls next month.Finance minister Arun Jaitley said after a meeting of the GST Council that tax rates of 178 items have been slashed while keeping only 50 items, mostly demerit, sin and luxury goods, in the top 28 per cent tax bracket.Former finance minister P.Guwahati: In the biggest overhaul of GST slabs yet, tax rates of over 200 items, ranging from chewing gum to beauty products, from wigs to wrist watches, were on Friday cut to provide relief to consumers and businesses amid economic slowdown. During the BJP campaign in the state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had hinted at a GST revamp to address concerns.“There was unanimity that in the 28% category there should be only sin and demerit goods. Currently, 12 per cent GST on food bill is levied in non-AC restaurants and 18 per cent in AC ones.

So, today the GST Council took a historic decision, that in the 28% slab there will be only 50 items and the remaining items have been brought down to 18 per cent,” he said. When the rates were originally fixed by saddling previous taxes, the principal of equivalence had been applied. But the GST Council has further pruned 12 more items, he said. Pasta, handbags made of cotton and Jute will be among the 13 items that will now attract a 12% tax instead of 18%. “We will not allow BJP to impose a Gabbar Singh Tax on India.Mr Jaitley said tax rate on six items was reduced from 18% to 5%, on 8 items from 12 % to 5% and on six items from 5% to nil. They cannot break the back of the small and medium businesses, crush the informal sector and destroy millions of jobs. The new rates will come into effect from November 15.The top tax rate is now restricted to luxury and demerit goods like pan masala, aerated water and beverages, cigars and cigarettes, tobacco products, cement, paints, perfumes, ACs, dish washing machine, washing machine, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, cars and two-wheelers, aircraft and yacht.

The announcements on Friday are the biggest concessions after the new indirect tax system took effect on July 1.There were 228 items in the 28% slab before the meeting. Therefore each item of good was specifically fit into VAT category,” Mr Jaitley said. Also, tax on wet grinders and armoured vehicles was cut from 28% to 12%. But it will take some time because it has a big revenue implication,” he said.“In the last few meetings, as a part of our effort to rationalise GST structure, council has been reviewing rates from time to time. Chidambaram said on Twitter that with economy growing by its slowest pace since Narendra Modi government came to power, the “panic-stricken govt has no option but to concede demands for change” in the tax, Bihar deputy chief minister Sushil Modi said that the decision taken by the GST Council will have cause a revenue loss of `20,000 crore annually.The council also brought down the GST on AC, non-AC restaurants to 5 per cent. “There was consensus that slowly 28% slab should be brought to 18% cent. GSTCouncilMeet” said Congress V-P Rahul China VRLA batteries factory Gandhi in a tweet.

Opting for a larger battery rather than a fast charge option

How do these technologies work to reduce the charging time? If you use the standard charger cable, it works at 5 volts DC and 0. But Qualcomm has announced the latest Version4 motorcycle battery sales of Quick Charge (QC4) for commercial availability by June 2017, with Type C compatibility. This allows companies to claim that their phones can attain 80 per cent charge in 30 minutes or in the case of Qualcomm Quick Charge, “0 to 50 per cent in 15 minutes” or “5 for 5 — 5 minutes charging, 5 hours of battery life”. Priced at Rs 14,999, the Zenfone 3S Max is an affordable device with a big 5,000 mAh heart to keep it ticking for hours. Dash Charge works at 4 A and 5 V and ensures that the extra heat is not spread to the phone but to the power adapter.

Sadly, the storage cannot be expanded, which is a bit limiting. Manufacturers of the chips that fuel the phone have launched their own rapid charging solutions. Most of these technologies are proprietary — the Super VOOC Flash used by Oppo or Dash Charge that comes with OnePlus phones.0.5 amperes, which multiplied, gives 2. Displays handle ultra HD or 4K video.The computing clout of your mobile phone grows exponentially with every new release — processors are now octa-core — eight times more powerful than they were five years ago.Weighing 175 grams, we wouldn’t say that the Zenfone 3S Max is the lightest, but it doesn’t feel too heavy and could easily fit in our palm. Phones using Mediatek processor are able to roll out PumpExpress fast charge technology.

The second approach is to tap technology that ensure very fast charge — usually attaining 60 to 70 per cent of the full charge in about 30 minutes. The RAM memory has grown on some handsets to 6 GB, which is more than many laptops. The QC4 can also charge two devices at the same time.Remember, all fast charge technologies work today only with the special charger provided. The rear camera also has the same resolution with f/2.0 aperture. OnePlus 3T is priced at Rs 29,999 for the 64 GB variant and Rs 34,999 for 128 GB. The images with both the front and rear cameras are crisp and clear. Sunny times may be back for Li-Ion. The 13 megapixels rear and the 8 megapixels front camera were average performers. Under normal usage, it can function for two days on a full charge and at least one day, even with intensive gaming or continuous video playing.5 watts of power.

Apart from the general power saving mode, this device also comes with four other modes including SuperSaving, which automatically optimises the phone function to give more standby time. These can cost as much as Rs 1,500 each and so far the industry has not agreed on an universal fast charge design. Then, reduce the power to slowly top up the battery to full charge. The 5.0 aperture. interface.OnePlus has ramped up the front camera to 16 megapixels with f/2.0 Nougat, but with the proprietary, ZenUI 3. The downside here is size — big battery phones tend to be bulky. The proprietary fast chargers boost the current handling to 4 or 5 amps and use special charging cables which work with higher voltages, as high as 9 to 12 V DC. The catch here is, the device has a hybrid slot and that means you can either use two SIMs or a single SIM with memory card. They do the charging in two stages — first, use high power to rapidly charge the phone to 75-80 per cent of its full charge in a very short time.

With the new Type C USB connector becoming more common, there was a fear that some of these proprietary technologies might not match the power delivery standards of this reversible connector.The battery is 3,400 mAh — but its proprietary Dash Charge technology ensures that it reaches 80 per cent of its full charge in about half an hour. All these are power guzzlers — and sadly, power is perennially in short supply on most phones.Dash Charge — large RAM comboOne of the best all-round performers in the mid-range category of smart phones is OnePlus 3T, which has a jumbo 6 GB RAM. The device also supports reverse charging, which means you can also use the Zenfone 3S Max as a power bank to charge other devices. This, together with the 64 GB or 128 GB storage, enables it to support multi tasking and to offer full 1080p full HD on its 5.Jumbo battery

Opting for a larger battery rather than a fast charge option, the Zenfone 3S Max offers a whopping 5,000 mAh battery.The internal storage of 32 GB is hugely expandable — up to 2 TB via Micro SD card.5 inch AMOLED screen. It supports 4G LTE and Wi-Fi Direct. The Zenfone 3S Max comes pre-loaded with the latest Android 7.2 inch screen has a resolution of 1280x720 pixels.There are two approaches currently being tried to overcome customers’ battery blues with the only power technology currently in use — Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion): One is to pack in bigger batteries into the phone. Phones with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor have access to Quick Charge technology. You can also shoot 4K videos.IndiaTechOnline.

The continued success of all these products has helped us become an integral

Customers will have to pre-registration before availing the offer. Mi India has received an incredible amount of love and support for all of our products starting with Mi 3 to the recently-launched Redmi Note 3, Mi 5 and Mi Max. Additionally, Mi Capsule Earphones and the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro (Gold) will also be on sale in India.In order to celebrate their birthday and help fans and consumers get the best of their products, Xiaomi India has on offer a host of devices that start from a mere Rs 1.As for the biggest offer yet, there will be a Rs 1 flash sale at 2 pm every day, for three days. Mi India will also give out coupons, a total worth Rs 1 crore.Mi India is marking the occasion with various online and app based offers, deals and discounts.15-inch full HD LCD display with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

July 21st will hold a sale for 10 x Redmi Note 3 smartphones and 100 x Mi Band 1A.To make the deals sweeter, Xiaomi will hold app-only-based deals and discounts.The Xiaomi Mi 5 will take a cut of Rs 2,000 and will be available at a price of Rs 22,999. And for the cherry on the top, one lucky user who purchases a product via the Mi Store app will stand to win a bumper prize—a Mi TV!The three day sale starts from July 20 and will end on July 22, 2016.Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant entered India exactly two years ago, bringing in the Mi 3 which was the hottest selling product till date.Apart from the flagship Mi 5, the older Mi 4 will also receive a price cut. The M i5 sports a 5.Apart from the Mi 5 and Mi 4 offers, fans can also avail Rs 500 off on the Mi Bluetooth Speaker, which will now be available at Rs 1,999.

On July 20th, there will be 10 x Mi 5 smartphones and 100 x 20000mAh Mi Power Banks on sale. This flash sale would enable customers to purchase the following products for Rs 1 on a first come first serve basis. Lastly, Mi Max with a phone case will get Rs 50 off. “We are truly excited to be celebrating the second birthday of Mi India. As we continue our India journey, we promise to introduce even more high-quality, disruptive products in the market to bring innovation to everyone,” said Manu Jain, India Head, Xiaomi.On the occasion of the anniversary, Xiaomi will also list a new power bank with 10,000mAH rated batteries.It does not end here.Mi India is marking the occasion with various online and app based bundle deals, discounts and offers across a variety of smartphones and accessories. The Mi 4 can be purchased exclusively on Flipkart and Mi.

Adding to that, Xiaomi will be also giving away one Mi TV to a lucky customer. Mi India has now turned 2 in and they are celebrating its second birthday with a series of special offers from 20 – 22 July. The 4G VoLTE-enabled device also sports a 16MP rear camera equipped with a 4-axis OIS and a dual tone flash. Mi USB Cable and a Mi USB maintenance free motorcycle battery Fan will be free with a Mi 4i smartphone. We want to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey. A Mi LED Light Enhanced or Mi USB Fan will be given free with the purchase of a 20000mAh Mi Power Bank.

We could not have asked for more. Here, consumers will get a pair of Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Gold for free with the Mi 5 Gold variant. Head to Mi for more information on how avail of these offers, discounts and more. The continued success of all these products has helped us become an integral part of fabric of India. The Mi 4 will be available for Rs 10,999, down from its original price of Rs 14,999. Redmi Note 3 with a phone case will get Rs 100 off. July 22 will also have a flash sale where 10 x Mi Max smartphones and 100 x Mi Bluetooth Speakers will be available.

The coronavirus outbreak is also behind a rise in anti-social behaviour

" Police around the world seized 34,000 counterfeit surgical masks in one major operation targeting so-called "corona criminals" earlier this month, Europol said in a report Friday.Online fraud was exploding across Europe, several agencies and police forces said.In Germany too, "cybercriminals are exploiting peoples current concerns about COVID-19 to send phishing emails with malicious content or use this fear with fraudulent intent", police said.Instead they are preying on peoples fears of the COVID-19 pandemic to sell them substandard protective goods or trick people out of their cash online, warned Europes police agency Europol."Criminals are just interested in one question: how can I make more money?," Europol director Catherine De Bolle told AFP in an interview.

Britains National Crime Agency said criminals "target people who seek to buy medical supplies on the internet, sending emails offering fake medical support and defrauding people who may be vulnerable or increasingly isolated at home".Police in Britain and Austria have recently arrested people for coughing or spitting on people while claiming to be infected.In many European countries, police have reported a dramatic drop in common criminal behaviour.The Hague: From trafficking dodgy surgical masks to peddling counterfeit medicines and running internet scams, criminals are finding ways to profit from the coronavirus crisis, European police warn.Fears were growing in Italy, the country worst hit by the virus, that small businesses short of money due to the crisis will turn to the mafia to save them."

This is why they are now abusing the pandemic to change their way of working.With billions of people under lockdown in their homes and borders shut, police chiefs say criminals are finding it hard to make money out of "traditional" activities like burglary and drug smuggling..The World Health Organization, at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic, has warned of a sharp increase in email phishing and scams using its name to try to steal money and sensitive information.Police have also warned people to be on the lookout for burglars wearing protective masks who claim to be carrying out coronavirus tests in order to steal from homes, particularly those of the elderly.

In Denmark, the government has promised high sentences for people who steal hydro-alcoholic gel and burglars posing as health workers or paramedics.Spanish police said there had been a roughly 50 percent drop in criminal offences compared to a year earlier since the country was put on a near total lockdown on March 14.Sales of street drugs have also dropped sharply in many countries since the outbreak as authorities shut borders and restrict the movement of people.With families confined to their homes, there are also fears of a surge in domestic violence."There is no doubt that confinement makes crime more difficult," said the deputy director of Spains Guardia Civil police force, Laurentino Cena.The pandemic "could bring out the worst in humanity", Britains National Police Chiefs Council warned, citing the theft of wholesale motorcycle batteries oxygen cylinders at a Manchester hospital.

The coronavirus outbreak is also behind a rise in anti-social behaviour.Sweden too said it had seen burglaries drop since people were asked to work at home.There was also a rising threat of sexual predators who prey on young people who are spending more time in front of screens at home, officials warned.Some French police stations have seen a more than 30 percent increase in such reports since the countrys lockdown began on March 17, according to Interior Minister Christophe Castaner.Austrias Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said this week that "we see a decrease in breaks-ins, burglaries, but at the same time cybercrime is on the rise".

Weve had tips of webpages where perpetrators are discussing how the situation we are in now can be exploited," Anna Karin Hildingson Boqvist, head of the child rights group ECPAT in Sweden, told AFP."Fraudsters have been very quick to adapt well-known fraud schemes to capitalise on the anxieties and fears of victims throughout the crisis," the report added.But the flip side of the coin is a rise in other forms of crime trying to profit on the back of the disease

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